40 Stunden

If he fails, Berlin will burn.

51yp+-x59hL._SY445_When police inspector Faris Iskander receives a video showing a man being nailed to a cross, little does he know that this is just the beginning of a real nightmare. And he has only 40 hours to find the victim. If he fails, the perpetrator will detonate bombs at various locations all over Berlin. Faris is off to a race against time! Then he discovers a link to an earlier case – and he realises that the man he is after is closer to him than he could ever have imagined …

Blanvalet. 2014. 416 pages. € 9.99

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A breathtaking thriller, in which hours will turn to seconds.
(Münsterländische Tageszeitung. 27 February 2014)

This is a thriller of the best kind. There has hardly been a thriller which has held me captive like this. A book could hardly be written any better. (www.com-on-online.de. 5 March 2014)

… THE surprise of 2014 … (Bücherfee)

… (a) detective …, who’s not only very likeable but also an innovative character. (CabotCove)

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