Berlin is burning again.518we7Y+hFL._

A suicide bomber at the Brandenburg Gate has a most mysterious message for State Police officer Faris Iskander: “God is great, Faris – did you know that those who say this are liars? There is something I am supposed to tell you: Next time, it will be you who pulls the trigger.” Then the bomb goes off – right in the middle of Berlin. Faris survives, and little does he know that the rather vague threat will soon become reality. Shortly after, things get out of control, with media reports about Berlin police being infiltrated by Islamist extremists. A journalist says he has discovered that the suicide bomber was a good friend of Faris Iskander’s, and that he is a radical Islamist as well. Faris starts investigating, but soon enough he himself has the police on his trail – while carrying a sports bag full of explosives. Come the next terror attack, will he be the assassin?

Blanvalet. 416 p. 9,99 Euro.

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Fast-paced action with strong characters – this book is sheer reading pleasure. (Lines Bücherwelt))

A master of her trade, Kathrin Lange knows how to have the reader engaged in a terrifying witch hunt. You really feel Faris Iskander’s pain. (bolteliest)

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