Herz aus Glas

If you fall in love you will die …

Adobe Photoshop PDFJuli is little excited when her father decides they will spend their winter vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. On the island, she meets David whose girlfriend has recently died falling off the cliffs. Although he acts all cool and distant, Juli immediately feels drawn to this handsome boy. But then she learns of a centuries-old curse which is supposed to be responsible for the death of other girls, too. A ghostly voice starts whispering to her, warning her, and soon Juli doesn’t know reality from dream anymore. And when she finally falls in love with David, it all becomes a matter of life and death …

Arena. 414 p. 16,99 Euro.

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A wonderful book!! (Two for Books)

A mix of genres (…) which I liked very much: goose bumps and love sickness, passion and riddles … (Favolas Lesestoff)

Kathrin Lange’s style of prose is great! Her situation and setting descriptions are to the point, but not too elaborate. All those little details essential for lifting the curse she has embedded across the whole novel – that’s very skilful, since you hardly notice them. (Buchstabengeflüster)

Chills from front to back (Schmökereck)

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