Herz in Scherben


Come near me and regret it 

The terrible events of the past winter’s days keep agonizing David. Suddenly he is sure to have heared a shot when Charlie fell off the cliffs. Then the body of a girl is found with a bullet in her head and this creates doubts in Juli. Is Madeleine Bower’s curse responsible for David’s weird visions? And why did Charlie really have to die?

The atmospheric sequel of the „Herz aus Glas“ trilogy.

Arena. 378 p. 16,99 Euro.

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„Posesses the same compelling, mystic and gloomy atmosphere as Herz aus Glas“ (his 6 her books)

„Enthralling and unputdownable.“ (Lippische Landeszeitung about „Herz aus Glas“)



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