Ohne Ausweg

Cover_Ohne Ausweg“When Kathrin Lange writes, it always sounds as if
she were announcing tomorrow’s news.” (B.Z.)

In order to stop the terrorists he must become one of them.

A city in fear and a ruthless enemy – Faris Iskander’s toughest case yet.

Tough as a nail, sharp as a knife, fast-paced and terrifyingly realistic.

After a bombing at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin special prosecutor Faris Iskander has become something of a wildcard for undercover investigations. He is put on the case of suspected terrorist Muhammad al-Sadiq, who seems to be planning a terrorist attack on Berlin from his prison cell. In order to gain access to Sadiq, Faris must pretend to be an Islamist and deliver some credible proof of his terrorist intentions. But thatʼs not his only problem: In the course of their investigation, he and his team have found that there is also a right-wing attack underway. The whole task is getting more dangerous by the hour, especially since not everyone in his unit seems to be playing with open cards…

More reviews:

“Highly engaging and pretty cool. … Like a really good, thrilling movie.” (Christian Koch, Hammett book store, Berlin)

„A sophisticated page-turner.“ (Domradio)

„A breathtaking, high voltage read.“ (Münsterländische Tageszeitung)

“This thriller is not only packed with suspense, but also very realistic – and frighteningly so.” (Cuxhavener Nachrichten)

“Brutally close to reality.” (Wiener Zeitung)

“Brutally relevant and completely gripping.” (Karim Cherif, well-known German actor)

c. 416 pages
ISBN 978-3-7341-0265-3
c. € 9,99 [D]
Original edition Thriller

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