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Kim has fallen in love. Little does she know that handsome Lukas also knew her older sister, Nina. It’s been two years since Nina got murdered. The killer had left a beautifully iridescent dragonfly on her face. Ever since, Kim gets nauseous every time she sees a picture of this type of insect. Although she feels drawn to Lukas, Kim wonders whether she can really trust him. For Lukas doesn’t like to talk about his past. Then, another girl disappears, and when her body is found, she holds a crushed dragonfly in her hand.

Arena Thriller. Arena Verlag. 3rd edition 2012. 272 pages. € 9.99

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This book got me reading! I’m not a bookworm per se, but I got through the whole book in two days, since it was just too thrilling to stop. (review on amazon)

A very nice young-adult novel, especially for girls. (

The perfect book for young girls who want a bit of romance and a couple of thrills all in one. (Yvonnes Bücherecke)

… finished reading in one night. (review on amazon)

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