Seraphim3Death spreads its wings

1st volume of the Angel-killer-Series.

Nuremberg, 1491 AD. Young widow Katharina Jacob works as a healer and thus lives in constant danger of being denounced as a witch. But all of a sudden her knowledge and expertise are sought after: In the city’s underground passage ways a murderer leaves horribly disfigured corpses behind, with angel wings growing from their shoulders. Much too late she realizes that she is the only one who can solve the “angel killer” mystery.

The breathtaking hunt for a demon of flames and blood – seriously exciting, spectacular and masterfully told.

Historical thriller. Aufbau. 2nd edition 2009. 494 pages. 12.95 Euro.

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A suspenseful, multi-layered historical thriller. (

A well-researched, exciting historical thriller with a lot of mystic (amazon,

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