Working on Faris Iskander’s third case and looking forward to N.Y.!

Cover_Ohne AuswegI spend my days with the arrangements for Stefan’s and my trip to New York (ThrillerFest we are coming!). But today I also had a long session with my editor: We were discussing some problems in the plot of Faris Iskander’s third case which will be published in winter.

Interested in some details? Here they are:

In order to stop the terrorists he must become one of them.

A city in fear and a ruthless enemy – Faris Iskander’s toughest case yet. 

Tough as a nail, sharp as a knife, fast-paced and terrifyingly realistic.

After a bombing at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin special prosecutor Faris Iskander has become something of a wildcard for undercover investigations. He is put on the case of suspected terrorist Muhammad al-Sadiq, who seems to be planning a terrorist attack on Berlin from his prison cell. In order to gain access to Sadiq, Faris must pretend to be an Islamist and deliver some credible proof of his terrorist intentions. But thatʼs not his only problem: In the course of their investigation, he and his team have found that there is also a right-wing attack underway. The whole task is getting more dangerous by the hour, especially since not everyone in his unit seems to be playing with open cards…

Three Courses for Hawk

If you have ever met me you probably know that I am one of Robert B. Parker’s biggest fans ever and that I have read all of his Spenser novels over and over.


Parker invented Spenser, a Boston-based hard-boiled PI, in the 1970s. Interestingly, Spenser is not only a tough guy, but also a gifted cook. And sometimes

Some questions on Faris

Monika Mansour, a dear colleague of mine, just asked me some questions about “Gotteslüge” and Faris Iskander. Here are my answers.

After ’40 Stunden’ ‘Gotteslüge’ is the second case of Berlins special unit investigator Faris Iskander, a tough character with Egyptian roots, tormented by his past. He holds the German passport, but is also Muslim.  What was the idea behind creating such a character? How much is Faris German, how much still Egyptian?

I think he is much more German than Egyptian because he left Egypt when he was only four years old. When I created him I wanted

Faris Iskander goes TV

Recently “40 Stunden” has been opted by a German producer to be adapted for TV. My agency told me that there are plans for a TV film with one of the big German broadcast stations. Of course this is only an option by now but it feels thrilling nevertheless.

Some fans already wonder about the face they will choose for Faris or about the film music. I stay quiet and start to play this on my iPhone.

Is there any hope at all?


In my books I vehemently criticize each sort of religion – for being intolerant and often violent. The bombs falling in Gaza nowadays affirm this position of mine. But there is hope: in projects like The House of One which has been founded in Berlin these days. All three montheistic religions want to build a house for gathering, for praying, for living together. For more information see (

I symbolically bought two bricks for this great enterprise – and hope, that many, many people will do so too …

Completety different from other German crime thrillers!

I am very proud because “40 Stunden” recently achieved the first commendation of an American Thrillerwriter. Michael Niemann, author of “Legitimate business” ( writes: “Just finished reading 40 Stunden. A great book. My respect. Completely different from all the German crime thriller I have read before.”

Thanks, Michael! This is what I wanted to attain.

Jipiiiii – or: I proudly present …

… the feature which has been published today in “The Big Thrill”:

“From German author Kathrin Lange comes the page-turner 40 HOURS, set in bustling Berlin:

Germany is moaning under the summer temperatures and Berlin is humming with activity as tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world gather to attend a church congress to which the Pope is expected.

Faris Iskander, a detective in the Special Unit for Religiously Motivated Crimes, is still reeling from a bombing in a city museum that occurred ten months earlier and which left him scarred physically and emotionally …”

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