RückenFMA brilliant, multi-faceted novel about the power of words to change reality.

It has everything a true page-turner needs: action, excitement, secrets, love and a hero to remember.

“Readers of Ink Heart will love it!” (Südhessenwoche)

Vol. 1: Flaming Signs

Does Mila believe in love at first sight? On board a train to Paris she meets an old man who asks her this very question. While she doesn’t have a clue yet, the old man already knows that Paris will awaken an ancient power in Mila. A gift which allows her to change reality with the stories she writes. And indeed, when she meets a mysterious young man named Nicholas at the train station, he seems to have sprung directly from her stories. But Nicholas also bears the gift of Fable Power – and he in turn has written about Mila. A battle of stories commences, a battle for the one and only true love. And in the midst of it are Mila and Nicholas.